New Vocabularies: Surrounding, Increase, Decrease, Environment, Cultivable land, Brick kiln, Comic strip, Long face, Aware, Aquarium, Awful.

SAVE OUR HOME In the box below, there are some names of your surrounding. Discuss in pairs/groups, which of them are increasing (becoming more) and which are decreasing (becoming less) in your environment. And list them in table A.

নিচের Box এ তোমার আশেপাশে অবস্থিত এমন কিছুর নাম আছে। জোড়ায়/দলে আলোচনা করো তাদের কোন কোনগুলো পরিবেশে বৃদ্ধি পাচ্ছে এবং কোন কোনগুলো হ্রাস পাচ্ছে। নিচের সারণিতে সেগুলো লেখ। SAVE OUR HOME

Rivers, Ponds, Rain, Cultivable Land, Trees, Birds, Roads, Cars, Playgrounds, Houses, Heat, Animals, Machines, Plastic, Market Places, Dust, Fishes, Forests, Buildings, Wastes, Rickshaws, Floods, Chemical Fertilizer, Brick Kiln, Crops. SAVE OUR HOME


Table A

Things that are increasing in your environmentThings that are decreasing in your environment

Now, see table A again, and discuss in pairs/groups the following question:

এখন সারণিতে আবার দেখ। জোড়ায়/দলে নিচের প্রশ্নগুলো আলোচনা করো। SAVE OUR HOME

a) Are your findings safe for your environment? If yes, why? If not, why?

b) Do you think this change in your environment creates problems for your health? If yes, tell about 2/3 problems.

c) What can you do to protect your environment? Tell 2/3 of them.

In pairs/groups read the following ‘Comic Strip’ and match the following expressions with their meanings.

জোড়ায়/দলে নিচের Comic Strip গুলো পড়ো এবং অর্থের সাথে মিল রেখে অভিব্যক্তিগুলো মিলাও।

Why the long face?It’s time to be happy.
If not, why are friends for?It’s very sad!
Be done with your sad face.Life in the world isn’t as safe as it was in the past
That’s awful!What makes you sad?
What this world is coming to!In need, a true friend is always beside a friend.

Read the comic strip again and discuss in groups/pairs what makes everyone (Sifat, the tree, the bird, the fish) sad. Write all the reasons you find. SAVE OUR HOME

Comic Strip গুলো আবার পড়ো এবং দলে/জোড়ায় কেন সবাই (সিফাত, গাছ, পাখি এবং মাছ) ব্যথিত। তুমি যে কারণগুলো পেয়েছ তা লেখ।

For example, Sifat is sad because his best friend is moving to another city.

The characters in the comic stripThe reasons for sadness
1. Sifat
2. The tree
3. The bird
4. The fish

Now, in pairs/groups, choose one of the ways to make Sifat, the tree, the bird, and the fish happy. You can choose more than one option. Also, explain why you choose that.

এখন জোড়ায়/দলে একটি পথ বের করো যাতে সিফাত, গাছ, পাখি এবং মাছকে খুশি করা যায়। তুমি একের অধিক উত্তর বেছে নিতে পারো। তবে তা ব্যাখ্যা করতে হবে কেনো একের অধিক উত্তর তুমি বেছে নিয়েছ।

a. If one of your best friends is unhappy. You will-

i) spend a good time with him. SAVE OUR HOME

ii) offer some gifts.

iii) listen to him attentively

iv) tell a joke

b. If your friend, the bird, lost his home as someone cut the tree. You will-

i) buy a cage for him

ii) plant as many trees as possible

iii) tell people not to cut trees

iv) make a new nest in a tree

c. If your friend, the tree, lost his family to meet up human needs. You will-

i) plant new trees

ii) tell people about the importance of trees

iii) write to newspaper against it

iv) make a long face

d. If your friend, the fish, lost his home because people are filling the water bodies. You will-

i) put him into an aquarium

ii) try to forget it

iii) make posters to make people aware

iv) talk to your friends and make a plan

Read the comic strip again. In groups, think of some solutions to keep all of your friends (the tree, the bird, and the fish) safe and happy. Then, rewrite/retell the story with the solutions. You can write, draw or create a comic strip for telling the story.

Then, share it with the whole class.

Comic Strip গুলো আবার পড়ো। দলে কিছু সমাধান চিন্তা কর যাতে তোমার সব বন্ধুদের (গাছ,পাখি এবং মাছ) নিরাপদ ও খুশি রাখা যায় তারপর সমাধানসহ গল্পটি পুরো লেখ। তুমি লিখে, ছবি এঁকে অথবা Comic Strip এর মাধ্যমে গল্পটি বলতে পারো। তারপর পুরো শ্রেণিতে গল্পটি Share করো।

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