Talking to People Word
WordMeaningExample sentenceYour sentence
AppreciateAdmire (প্রশংসা করা)The man appreciated the boy for
his help.
ElderlyOld/Aged (বয়স্ক )We must have respect for the elderly people.
ConversationDiscussion (কথোপকথন)We have a long conversation about our food habit.
DirectionWay / Course (নির্দেশনা)We should follow the direction of our teachers.
LaterBehind/ Behind the time (পরে)She returned from home several weeks later.
RelationshipConnection (সম্পর্ক)I have a close relationship with my brother.
AcquaintanceFamiliarity/ Contact (পরিচিতি)We have close acquaintance with our neighbours.
Positioning (যানবাহন রাখার জায়গা)
The car was parked in the parking place.
He worked as a guard in the prison.
DisabilityIncapacity/ Ailment (অক্ষমতা)Physical disability hampers our normal life.
GardenerNurseryman/ Green keeper (মালি)The gardener mows the grass regularly.
OutsideOutdoor (বাহিরে)He waited for me outside the classroom.
RecognizeIdentify (চিনতে পারা)I could not recognize her at first.
StrangerOutsider/ Unknown person (অপরিচিত ব্যক্তি)I was a stranger there.
ComplimentPraise (প্রশংসাWe should give him
complement for his good job.
Well-beingComfort/ Happiness (সুস্থতা)Physical well-being is necessary for normal life.
AvoidBypass/ Keep away from (এড়িয়ে চলা)You should avoid bad company.
MistakeError / Fault (ভুল)I made a mistake at that time.
IndicateShow/ Specify (নির্দেশনা
The map indicates the way of our school.
Association (সম্পৰ্ক)
You should maintain a good relation with your neighbors.
SeemAppear / Look (মনে
It seems to me very dangerous.
FamiliarAcquainted/ Known
The crow is a familiar bird.
SignifyMean/ Indicate (তাৎপর্যপূর্ণ করা)The sign signifies nothing.
ForgetfulAbsent-minded (অমনোযোগীHe is always forgetful about his duty.
NurseryPlant market (যেখানে ফুল-ফলের চারা পাওয়া যায়)Different types of saplings are available in this nursery.
PurchaseBuy (ক্রয় করা )He purchased a new book.
GuessConjecture/ Assume
(অনুমান করা)
I guess, you are my old friend.
Indeed, I will do it for you.
InitiatorMotivator (প্রবর্তক)Mr. Rahman was the initiator of this company
Shopping mallShopping complex (শপিং মল)A modern shopping mall has everything to buy.
PerceiveNotice/ Understand
(অনুধাবন করা/বুঝতে পারা)
I have perceived that you are curious.
ImpoliteRude/ Ill-mannered
Always avoid impolite attitude.
Of courseIndeed (অবশ্যই)Of course, I will help you.
ReserveStandby/ Stock
(সংরক্ষিত বস্তু) )
You should reserve some money for the future.
QueueLine (সারি)Stand in a queue to buy a ticket.
Little Things
WordMeaningExample sentenceYour sentence
MightyMassive/ Huge (শক্তিশালী/বিশাল)The mighty ocean can be used to produce electricity.
OceanSea/ blue/ brine (মহাসমুদ্র সমুদ্র)Oceans are a source of food for mankind.
HumbleModest/ Gentle (ভদ্র)Everybody praises him for his humble behaviour.
Everlasting (চিরন্তন)
The pious would spend eternity in heaven.
DeedsActions/ Activities
Man should be judged by his deeds.
Paradise (স্বর্গ)Adam and Eve first lived in the Eden.
HeavenParadise/ Dream
place (স্বর্গ)
Everybody prays to go to heaven after death.
AboveOver/Beyond (উপরে)Our plane was flying above the clouds.
AlternateDifferent/ Another
We chose alternate route to avoid traffic jam.
Future Lies in Present
WordMeaningExample sentenceYour sentence
MentionTell (উল্লেখ করা)You did not mention your name in the groupwork.
Well-knownFamous (বিখ্যাত)The people of Bangladesh is well-known for their hospitality.
InspireEncourage (অনুপ্রাণিত করা )Bangabandhu inspires us to love our country.
NearestClosest (নিকটতমI have already visited the nearest places.
UniqueVery special and rare (অনন্য)Humayun Ahmed is well-known for his unique style of writing.
Good advice is beyond any price.
ConcentrationFocusing (একাগ্রতা)I need total concentration to do well in the examination.
ScatterSpread (ছড়ানো)Newspapers lay scattered all over the floor.
SeekTo ask for something (চাওয়া)You can seek her help in doing this homework.
Lead To guide/steer (নেতৃত্ব দেওয়া)The class captain leads us in the sports competition.
Ask and Answer
WordMeaningExample sentenceYour sentence
EntertainTo amuse / delight (বিনোদন)Reading story books entertains me a lot.
ReciteTo perform/ To read aloud before audience (আবৃত্তি করা )I love to recite poems.
CreatureA living being like an animal, bird or fish (পশুর থাবা)Snakes are cold-blooded creatures.
AdorableLovable/ Charming (সুন্দর/প্রশংসনীয়)Your smile is adorable. Your recitation of the poem “Books” is adorable.
PawsAn animal’s foot having claws and pads (পশুর থাবা)The cat is licking it’s paws.
PuzzeldTo become confused ( হতবুদ্ধি হওয়া)I became puzzled to see all the new faces in my new school.
EmperorRuler/ King (সম্রাট)Jalal-ud-din Muhammad Akbar was one of the most popular emperors of India.
NearbyNear Close by (কাছাকাছি)I went to the nearby library to find a book.
RewardAward/Prize (পুরস্কার)I got a medal as a reward for my good behavior.
Together We Are a Family
WordMeaningExample sentenceYour sentence
HomeworkExercise (বাড়ির কাজ)Let’s do our homework now.
UsuallyGenerally (সাধারণত)Usually I go to bed at 10 pm.
PrepareMake (প্রস্তুত করা )He prepares his food everyday.
ResponsibilityDuty (দায়িত্ব)His responsibility was to look after the baby.
For exampleFor Instance (উদাহরণস্বরূপ)For example, he is an honest man.
ExpressReveal (প্রকাশ করা )He expressed his desire.
WheneverWhen/ Every time
He always takes a bag whenever he leaves the house.
SolveResolve (সমাধান করা )He can solve the problem.
EncourageInspire (উৎসাহিত করাTeachers should always encourage his/her students.
Listen toHear (শোনা)Listen to me first then answer.
AttentivelyConsiderately (মনোযোগের সাথে)The students should listen to his/her
teachers attentively.
GridFramework/ matrix (কাঠামো)Put your answer in the grid below.
DescribeDefine/ Narrate
(বর্ণনা করা)
The boy described the incident clearly.
FeedGive food to (অন্যকে
I feed my pet daily.
MopWash / Clean (মোছা)The cleaner mopped the floor every day.
The Missing Tenth Man
WordMeaningExample sentenceYour sentence
DipBathe (ডুব)Let’s take a dip in the nearby pond.
ConfusedPuzzled (বিভ্রান্ত)You make me confused by asking so many questions.
SellerA person who sells something (বিক্রেতা)The seller of the shop is a well behaved person.
GatherTo collect several things (সংগ্রহ করা)We gathered some plants from the garden.
ScreamTo shout/ To say something loudly (চিৎকার করা)She screamed seeing the spider on her pillow.
EmphasisA special importance given to something (জোর দেওয়া)We should give emphasis on learning English.
SillyFoolish / Idiotic (নির্বোধ )Sometime I behave so silly!
NeighbourSomeone who lives next to your home or near your home (প্রতিবেশী)A good neighbour is a blessing of God.
A Day in the Life of Mina
WordMeaningExample sentenceYour sentence
Cheerless/ Dark
The sky looks gloomy.
dirty (কর্দমাক্ত)
I could not walk on that muddy road.
SlipperyOily/ Greasy (পিচ্ছিল)Due to rain, the road became slippery.
FrighteningTerrifying (ভয়ানকThe bear is a frightening animal.
Frightened (ভীত)
I am scared of ghost.
FriendlyWelcoming/ Sociable (বন্ধুভাবাপন্ন )He is very friendly with his colleagues.
Sprinkle (ঝিরঝির
It has been drizzling since morning.
PunctualPrompt/ On time (সময়নিষ্ঠ)It is important to be punctual in life.
ParticipateTake part
(অংশগ্রহণ করা)
You should participate in the game.
SloppyMessy/ Untidy (অপরিচ্ছন্ন)I do not like people who are sloppy in their everyday life.
UnfortunatelyUnluckily (দুর্ভাগ্যবশত )Unfortunately he missed the train.
CordialFriendly (আন্তরিক)Be cordial in your behaviour.
WanderWalk (ঘুরে বেড়ানো)I will wander around the park.
SneakySly/ Cunning (লাজুক)He is very sneaky and can deceive you easily.
InsteadIn its place/ In lieu পরিবর্তেI will make friends instead of enemies.
PleasureLiking (আনন্দ)It will be my pleasure if you come to visit my house.
Blanketquilt (কম্বল)Use a blanket if you feel cold.
StarveFamish/ Go hungry (না খেয়ে থাকা)He has been starving for two days.
Bangabandhu, My Inspiration
WordMeaningExample sentenceYour sentence
SacrificeAn act of giving up something of great value for someone else(ত্যাগ করা/ বিসর্জন দেওয়া)Our freedom fighters sacrificed their lives for the independence of our country.
CourageousBrave (সাহসী)I want to be courageous like Bangabandhu.
InjusticeDoing wrong or unfairness to someone (অবিচার)We must stand against injustice.
AffordBear (সামর্থ্য)Don’t spend more than you can afford.
SanctionTo approve/To give permission to do something (অনুমোদন দেওয়া)Our government sanctioned money to repair our school building.
ReputationFame/A high opinion about someone or something (খ্যাতি)Our headteacher is a man of good reputation.
LiberalGenerous/ Not strict (উদার)My parents are quite liberal.
HarmonyLiving together peacefully (সম্প্রীতি)In Bangladesh, people from different religion live in harmony.
WordMeaningExample sentenceYour sentence
ExplainClarify (ব্যাখ্যা করা)The teacher explained the topic clearly.
BorrowTake (ধার করা)He borrowed some money from
DeductionSubtraction (কমানো)It seems a logical deduction.
DisobeyDefy/ Violate (অমান্য করা)Never disobey your elders.
BeachCoast/ Shore (সমুদ্র তীর)The Cox’s bazar sea beach is the longest sea beach in the world
Mistreatment (বিরক্ত করা)
Stop bullying others or you will be punished.
FrequentlyRegularly (বারবার)He comes here frequently
PredictForecast/ Guess (ভবিষ্যৎবানী করা)He predicted the future of the world.
A group of people living in the same place having particular characteristics in common/ GroupPeople of different communities live in the society.
The Boy under the Tree
WordMeaningExample sentenceYour sentence
Rush outHurriedly/To come out quickly(তাড়াহুড়ো করে বের
I rushed out the door to welcome my friend.
MumbleTo speak softly but
unclearly/ Murmur ( করা)
The boy mumbled and I couldn’t understand anything.
DisheartenTo lose hope/
Demoralize (হতাশ হওয়া)
Don’t be disheartened by a single failure.
LeanTo move your body so that it is bent forward/ Bend (কুঁকে পড়া )I leaned over to pick up the book.
Wrap upFinish (শেষ করা )It is time to wrap up the game.
ResumeStart again (আবার শুরু করা)Our school has resumed after long days.
RecognizeTo Identify (চেনা)Can’t you recognize me?
AfarAt a great distance ( দূরে )We heard a shout afar.
MockMake fun of/ Tease (উপহাসDon’t mock at anyone’s poverty.
Left outNeglected / Forgotten (বাদ
My friend did not invite me to the birthday party. So, I am feeling left out.
PredominantlyMainly (প্রধানত)Bangladesh is predominantly an agricultural country.
SupportiveHelpful (সহায়ক)My classmates are very supportive.
Meeting an Overseas Friend
WordMeaningExample sentenceYour sentence
Look forThink of (খোজ করা)He is looking for a job.
NearbyClose by (নিকটে)There is river nearby our village home.
GreetingsWelcome (অভিবাদন)‘Hello’ is the basic greetings in English.
FriendlyAmiable (বন্ধুভাবাপন্ন)Be friendly with all.
InterestingAttractive (আকর্ষনীয়)The story is very interesting.
StrangerAn Unknown person
(অপরিচিত ব্যক্তি)
I was a stranger at that new place.
RespectEsteem (সম্মান)Always respect your elders.
UsuallyGenerally (সাধারণত)Usually I get up early in the morning.
Used toAccustomed to ( অভ্যস্ত)I am not used to such a situation.
DirectlyStraight (সরাসরি)He gave the answer directly.
InsteadIn lieu of ( পরিবর্তে)He came here instead of his father.
King Lear
WordMeaningExample sentenceYour sentence
Literaryof literature (সাহিত্য বিষয়ক)Literary topics are interesting.
Fairy taleStory of imaginary things
with magical power ( পরীর গল্প)
Children are fond of fairy
Science fictionImaginary events of science
(বিজ্ঞান কল্পকাহিনী)
Children like science fiction.
FableA kind of moral story (মজার কিন্তু কোন বিশেষ নৈতিক শিক্ষা আছে
এমন গল্প)
Aesop’s fables are popular.
impactImpression (প্রভাব)Bangabandhu’s 7 March speech has a long term impact on the Bangalees
Moral lessonlessons on good principles (নৈতিক শিক্ষা)Aesop’s fables have moral lessons.
Dramatistperson who writes drama (নাট্যকার)Shakespeare was a great dramatist.
Tragedya kind of drama (বিয়োগান্ত নাটক)Shakespeare wrote many tragedies.
Comedya kind of drama (মিলনান্তক
A comedy gives much pleasure.
AncientEarliest (প্রাচীন)I like ancient history.
Curiouseager to know or learn
Students are curious for story.
OpinionView (মতামত)We can express our opinions
in the classroom.
FlatterPraise too much ( তোষামোদী
I don’t like flattering.
Rehearsepractice (চর্চা করা)They rehearse the drama in
the evening.
GenuineReal (আসল)Genuine friends help each
Four Friends
WordMeaningExample sentenceYour sentence
Sky lanternlantern flown in the sky
People fly sky lantern on the
night of Probarona Purnima.
AuthorWriter (লেখক)Humayun Ahmed is a great author.
ObserveCelerate (উদযাপন করা)We observe two Eids every
Key themeMain idea (মূল ভাব )Harmony is the key theme of
inclusive society.
HugEmbrace (কোলাকুলি করা)We hug each other on the Eid day.
BendCurve (বাঁকানো)It is not easy to bend an iron rod.
Wrappedcovered (মোড়ানো)I found the book wrapped with a red paper.
NodBend the head forward and quickly backward (সম্মতিসূচক মাথা নাড়ানো)My father nodded head when
I asked permission to play.
ExplodeTo burst forth emotionally (বিস্ফোরন)He exploded with joy.
Gigglekeep laughing in a childlike
way (মুখ চাপিযা হাসা)
Some boys always giggle in the class.
DelightPleasure (আনন্দ)Games and sports give us delight.
TempleA house/building used for
prayers especially for the
Hindus (মন্দির)
All kinds of people visit the
temples during Durga Puja.
Gaze atStarring at something (এক
দৃষ্টিতে তাকিয়ে থাকা)
They all gazed at the plane.

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